Trauma, Identity and Gender


This workshop explores concepts of gender and identity in the context of pre-arrival and settlement experiences for people from refugee backgrounds.

Key concepts and terms will be examined, highlighting the diverse interpretations and use of language when engaging with notions of gender.

A range of activities and discussions will explore the pre-arrival experiences of persecution, violence and displacement through the lens of gender and the consequent impact on health, wellbeing and identity.

The nature of pre-arrival experiences, trauma reactions, and the challenges and opportunities for both client and workers will be highlighted.

Participants will also explore their own assumptions and perspectives on identity and gender relations, within and across culture.

Suitable for

Anyone working with people from refugee and asylum seeker backgrounds.


Participants are expected to be familiar with the Foundation House Framework for Recovery and have either:

  1. completed the introductory Refugee and Asylum Seeker Experience whole day workshop (or other whole day workshops/training by Foundation House); or
  2. have significant experience working with people from refugee and asylum seeker backgrounds (minimum 6 months working/volunteering). Please email noting your experience with refugees and asylum seekers when requesting an exemption.

Please note: Registrations for this workshop will close COB 19 October 2018