Incidental counselling


This two day workshop provides an approach to working with people from refugee backgrounds in a range of settings. Participants will gain incidental counselling and other skills for responding to difficult situations. The workshop involves presentations, practical exercises, role plays and discussions in large and small groups.

Content includes:

  • Further examination of the impact of past and current trauma;
  • Exploring how workers and young people interpret and ‘make meaning’ of experience;
  • Incidental counselling skills for a range of potential situations;
  • The emotional responses of workers and implications for practice;
  • Building good working relationships with trauma clients; and
  • Cross-cultural considerations.

Suitable for

People who are not formally trained as counsellors but work in roles with people from a refugee backgrounds in which counselling skills may be needed, eg. housing, settlement, employment, etc.


Participants are expected to be familiar with the Foundation House Framework for Recovery and have either:

  1. completed the introductory Refugee and Asylum Seeker Experience whole day workshop (or other whole day workshops/training by Foundation House); or
  2. have significant experience working with people from refugee and asylum seeker backgrounds (minimum 6 months working/volunteering). Please email noting your experience with refugees and asylum seekers when requesting an exemption.


$420 per person
Includes morning tea, lunch and afternoon tea.