School’s in for Refugees


This comprehensive introduction is recommended as the first professional development from Foundation House for those working with students and families from refugee backgrounds. It is appropriate for those working in and with schools and other educational settings, at primary, secondary and post-compulsory levels.

Content includes
  • Experiences of young people from refugee backgrounds including prior education experiences;
  • The impact of trauma on young people’s learning and wellbeing;
  • The role of teachers and schools in supporting recovery from trauma;
  • An introduction to a whole school approach and key areas where schools can increase support for refugee background students and families; and
  • Strategies that support the recovery process for teachers and other staff to use.

Suitable for

People working with young people of refugee backgrounds within a school setting.


Foundation House Schools Support Program is able to provide a professional development program to teachers and those working in and with schools through the support of the Department of Education and Training. There is therefore no charge to participants for this workshop.


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