Children and Adolescents: Trauma, Health and Development

Working with children and adolescents from refugee backgrounds in health settings.


Children and adolescents from refugee backgrounds live within multiple complex environments. Within this context is a history of displacement, trauma and loss. These early years of life are also a time of significant development and learning. This workshop will explore key developmental considerations, trauma, and recovery, from the very early years to later adolescence and early adulthood. Relevant services and other resources will also be discussed.

Content includes
  • Understanding the context of child and adolescent pre-arrival experiences / Exploring the impact of trauma on development, learning and relationships / Identifying relevant services and other resources

Suitable for

Only available to Nurses and Allied Health professionals.


This program is funded for Nurses and Allied Health professionals through the Victorian Department of Health and Human Services. Therefore there is no cost to professionals working in these areas.


Participants will be expected to have completed either a Foundation House Introductory workshop, or ‘Refugee and Asylum Seeking Experiences’ Online.

The online option is available free as a pre-requisite when you register for this workshop.