Webinar Series: Supporting People from Refugee Backgrounds – Outpatient Departments

Supporting people from refugee backgrounds in Outpatient departments.


Understanding prearrival experiences and their impact on physical and psychological well-being is essential for professionals working in outpatient departments. People from refugee backgrounds, including people seeking asylum, have access to, and require informed approaches from, outpatient departments. This webinar will describe pre-arrival experiences and impacts, practical trauma-informed approaches, health access and rights, and key skills in effective  communication.

Content includes
  • pre-arrival experiences of people from refugee and asylum seeking backgrounds;
  • Impact of traumatic experiences on health and wellbeing;
  • Trauma-informed responses in outpatient departments; and
  • Health access and effective communication.

Suitable for

Suitable for Nurses, Allied Health and other health professionals working within public and private outpatient departments.


This program is funded for Nurses and Allied Health professionals through the Victorian Department of Health and Human Services. Therefore there is no cost to professionals working in these areas.