Introduction to Suicide Risk Assessment


This one day workshop, in partnership with Orygen, National Centre of Excellence in Youth Mental Health, is an introduction to the basic components of suicide risk assessment and how these apply to people from a refugee or asylum seeking background.

The workshop explores the risk and protective factors for suicide in people from refugee backgrounds, with the aim of increasing participants’ insight into the challenges faced by this population and how these challenges interact with risk of suicide.

Participants will be introduced to a tailored suicide risk assessment framework.

The workshop will allow for a diversity of participant roles and there will be opportunity to reflect on how suicide risk assessment skills are relevant for different roles and work contexts.

Content includes:

  • Background: global rates of suicide and local policy context;
  • Risk and protective factors for suicide;
  • Introduction to a risk assessment framework;
  • Engaging with people who express suicidality;
  • Early identification of risk;
  • Assessing level of risk; and
  • Responding to suicide risk.

NOTE: This workshop will be co-facilitated with professionals from ‘Orygen Centre of Excellence in Youth Mental Health’.

Suitable for

People who have not had training in suicide prevention previously and who work with people from refugee backgrounds, eg. caseworkers, bi-cultural workers, volunteers etc.

NOTE: This workshop has a refugee focus but is based on mainstream generalised suicide assessment training – if you have completed this sort of training some sections may cover similar material.


$275 per person
Morning tea, lunch & afternoon tea included