Seeking Asylum: Working with Prolonged Uncertainty

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    Thu, 17 Oct 09:30 AM - Thu, 17 Oct 04:30 PM in Brunswick
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This workshop explores the psychosocial realities of living with long-term uncertainty for people from refugee and asylum seeking backgrounds. The mental health consequences arising from pre-arrival experiences are compounded by the uncertainties of the determination process and the political environment, as well as other factors such as concern for family overseas. In the current context, client-worker interactions are frequently related to discussions around migration status, and themes relating to uncertainty can dominate the relationship. Feelings of helplessness are common in both the client and worker. Ways of supporting clients living with ongoing uncertainty will be explored and the potential impact of this work on professionals is acknowledged.

Content includes:

  • Overview of historical and current Australian protection processes;
  • Increased understanding of our own ways of being and levels of comfort with uncertainty;
  • Exploration of the impacts of trauma, ongoing uncertainty and detention;
  • Ways of working and sitting with clients living with ongoing uncertainty; and
  • Identification of key principles for sustainable and professional engagement with clients.

Suitable for

Those working with people from refugee backgrounds, including people seeking asylum, who are experiencing prolonged uncertainty, eg. case workers; settlement workers; ESL teachers; counsellors; community health practitioners and lawyers.


Participants are expected to be familiar with the Foundation House Framework for Recovery and have either:

  1. completed the introductory Refugee and Asylum Seeking Experiences whole day workshop (or other whole day workshops/training by Foundation House); or
  2. have significant experience working with people from refugee and asylum seeking backgrounds (minimum 6 months working/volunteering). Please email your experience working with people from refugee and asylum seeking backgrounds when requesting an exemption.


$275 per person
Morning tea, lunch & afternoon tea included