Partnerships with Families from a Refugee Background in the Early Years


This comprehensive one day workshop provides an introduction to working with children and families from refugee backgrounds. Participants will gain knowledge of refugee and asylum seeking experiences, and ways of supporting parents within an early years setting. We will explore the refugee and settlement experiences for children and families and examine in depth what constitutes collaborative partnerships and engagement with families, highlighting current good practices, strategies and examples from Victorian early years services.

Content includes:

  • Refugee and asylum seeking experiences for children and families;
  • The role of early years services in supporting recovery and how this builds and supports the development of partnerships with families;
  • The exploration of collaborative partnerships, and what they may look like in the early years; and
  • Strategies that early years services are implementing that focus on connecting and building partnerships.

Suitable for

Anyone working, studying or volunteering with children and families in the early years (0 to 8 years).


Foundation House is able to offer professional development for those working with children and families in early years through the support of the Department of Education and Training, therefore there is no charge for this workshop.

Morning tea, lunch & afternoon tea included.