Our approaches

Along with our public Professional Development Calendar, Foundation House provides organisation-specific professional development for agencies working with people from refugee and asylum seeker backgrounds.

Using an organisational development model, we work closely with an organisation to identify the learning aims of staff and to structure professional development and change management activities to their requirements, tailoring Foundation House training materials to these specific needs.

Professional Development sessions may be one off, or may be incorporated into a series, depending on the organisation’s needs and capacity. We might also recommend ongoing reflective practice sessions as part of the program. The reflective practice model encourages participants to develop deeper understanding of the impact of the work on themselves, and what they bring to the work, enabling participants to consider creative and innovative approaches to working with refugee and asylum seekers. Reflective practice sessions can be implemented in organisations or networks where this approach to professional development is indicated.

If you have any questions regarding our Organisation-specific Professional Development please feel free to contact the Professional and Organisational Development Program Leader on (03) 9389 8972; email pdregistrations@foundationhouse.org.au

Alternatively you can fill out the enquiry form (see Tailored Training).